Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vote, Vote, Vote

Ok, I hope that everyone went out to vote.  Paul and I utilized early voting and went on Halloween.  I love election day.  I find it exciting to watch the process.  I was excited to be a swing state, but after the 10,0000 political ad.....I am over being a swing.
So I heard from the social worker yesterday that our finger prints aren't back yet.....ugh.  This is not good news.  I hope that they come back by the 14th.  That is when we are meeting with the social worker to go over our home study.  When we began the process to become a foster family, my finger prints took forever.  Turns out that I have bad finger prints.  They were rejected twice.....all those years of cleaning have worn down my finger prints LOL  So hopefully it goes better this time!