Sunday, March 23, 2014

We Are Getting Close

So the suit cases are open in our room.  We have gotten several outfits for Maria.  We are going to be there 13 days with no washer or lots of clothes for her.  With the amount of space left I am pretty sure I am wearing the same thing every day ;-) I am trying to anticipate every need and possible freak out (impossible, I know). I bought a metal cup because that is what she drinks out of at the orphanage. I doubt that she has ever seen a sippy cup lol. It is so hard with the language barrier.  We are trying to keep things as normal for her as we can.  We really, really hope that they are preparing her that we are coming.  But honestly we have no idea.  We don't know if she is being medicated to sleep which we have heard is common. We have also heard that the withdrawals can be awful.
So we are super excited , scared, happy...every emotion you can imagine!  We just want to get our girl  home and start our lives as a family!!
 We're coming to get you sweet girl!

I'm sorry we weren't able to get you out while you were this picture.  But we will be there to celebrate your 9th birthday with you on the 18th!!