Monday, August 26, 2013

OMG We Are Going

I am such a bad blogger and have been neglecting our poor blog.  But the honest truth is I have been pouting.  Our dossier has been in Eastern Europe since May.  Each week we would wait for news that our dossier was submitted and each week we would be disappointed.  There was a newly elected government that was being put into place.  But I guess a lot of people weren't happy with the new government so there were (and I believe still are) protests in the streets.  So week after week the IAC meetings were canceled.

Finally at the end of July there was an IAC meeting.....but sadly we were told that our dossier was not submitted.  I wanted to crawl in my bed and not come out (and I did, well as much as you can hide in your bed with 7 kids. )  To make matters worse, the government shuts down every Aug for holiday.  So we resigned ourselves to the fact that we wouldn't be traveling until November at the earliest. This would mean that our second trip to pick her up wouldn't be until Spring.  We were so bummed.

Well, last Wednesday I received an IM on Facebook from our placing agency saying "go check your email."  The email said "Surprise you were submitted at the July meeting and we weren't told.  You will get travel dates in the next 48 hours!"  We were soooo excited as we waited not so patiently for the travel dates to come.  The first dates that were sent happened to be when we will have company out to Colorado visiting us.  We thought that if we left our company with our kids and jetted off to Eastern Europe we might never have anyone visit us ever again!!  So we asked if there were any other possible dates.  Shelley emailed and said "if you can pull it together quickly, you can leave on the 31st."  As in this in one week from the in we are meeting our girl in a week.  Well, we made a few phone calls and things started to fall into place!  We are so grateful to Cathy and Jenny for all the help with our brood! Thank you Christy for all the equipment.

So now we are running around like crazy...doing laundry, packing, making meals, booking plane tickets etc.  It is hard to believe in less then a week we will be meeting our newest daughter!!!!!

Thank you all for all of your love and support...we are so grateful!