Tuesday, October 22, 2013

That Was A Wild Ride

Well, we have had about 20 people visit our blog today.
 That is pretty normal for us.  However, last week after the article on yahoo shine came out about us, it spiked to over 4000 hits on the blog.  It was great having the article raise awareness about foster care and international adoption.  But I made the rookie mistake of reading the comments section....big mistake.  While most comments were very nice and positive, there were some down right creepy ones.  It really is sad what some people believe about foster care and international adoption.  One comment said that we were being paid 10,000 per month by the government to care for our children......anyone who does foster care knows that is soooo not true.  We actually don't have any foster kiddos any more now that Angie is ours.  So no money is coming in from anywhere.  Not to mention that where we live foster parents are given between 14-23$ per day for most kiddos.  So in other words you could work about 2 or 3 hours at a minimum wage job and make more then foster parents are given for a 24 hour day. So I don't think anyone is doing this for the money.  It was weird having strangers make comments about our family, but at least people were talking about adoption and fostering so that is the important thing!  We were grateful for the opportunity to talk about these topics!

On the international adoption front.....all our paper work is out of our hands now.  So now is just the waiting game.  it is really had to guess how long it will all take.  We are so hoping that everything goes quickly and we get back to our girl as fast as possible!