Friday, January 11, 2013

Sooo excited and grateful!

Hi everyone,
We are super excited to announce that we received our own New Year miracle. Some amazing anonymous donors that support arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (AMC) adoptions have offered us a matching grant!!!!! We are soooo super excited and grateful! For those who are new to the adoption world, this is how a matching grant works: A group/person/organization offers a set amount of money to go towards your adoption.......but in order to receive the money you have to find your own donors to match they amount. There is a deadline set. So in order to receive the grant money we have to find matching donors by the end of the deadline.
So here is what these amazing people are offering us: It is a $1000 matching grant that we have until January 31st to meet. So our Reeces Rainbow FSP account would need to read $1125 by 1/31/2013 to receive the $1000. This is such an awesome opportunity for our family. It would really help with some of the costs of this special needs adoption. 
We appreciate all of your help!