Monday, December 9, 2013

I800 Approval!!!

Thank you all so much!  We have reached half of our matching grant!!  Hopefully we will have met it by Christmas!
The day before Thanksgiving we received a request for evidence for from USCIS (us immigration).  It was asking for a form that we were just sure was in the paperwork that we sent to them.  But since it was the day before Thanksgiving our officer was off.  So we scrambled and got a scanned copy of the form from our home study agency.  We emailed it to the officer and sent one snail mail to her.....we wanted to cover all of our bases.  Then we just tried to enjoy our Thanksgiving since we were pretty sure we wouldn't hear from anyone until the next week.  Well on Monday afternoon the officer called and said that she received our email and voice mail and that she would look at our file again.  The next afternoon she called again and said that sure enough she found the missing paper in our original paper work.  Go figure ;-)  We received our I800 approvals by the end of that week in the mail.
So now that approval joins up with our paper work that is already in  our daughter's country.  The next step in the process is an Article 5 interview.  We are hoping that happens in the next two weeks or so.....then we wait for a court date (ok I think there are more signatures and stuff between the two, but I am just hitting the highlights ;-)  A month or so after court we get travel dates.  So we are still hoping to travel in February but with all the delays it might not be until March...ugh.
So this matching grant will really help with paying for some of our three flights for the pick up trip (2 round trip and 1 one way)  Also, because of the added TB testing we will be in the country longer that we knew when we started the process.  So hotel/food etc will also be more then what we budgeted.  But we know it will all work out in the end.  Our girl is totally worth it!!  Thank you all for your love and support!!