Friday, May 24, 2013

Being Translated!

Ok, I know that I just wrote a post an hour ago....but I just found out that our dossier is in Eastern Europe right now being translated!  Woo Hoo so excited.  It is a holiday week there so it will be next week before it is done, but I am still really happy just knowing it is over there and not over here LOL

Waiting, waiting, waiting

Do you see a theme in international adoption..........lots of waiting!  So our dossier is being reviewed by our placing agency.  I am hoping that it will be sent to be translated very soon.  It is tough not knowing when we will be traveling.
 Luckily, we are distracted by all of the end of the school year craziness.  Jack is filming the highschool graduation for the school and doing a live stream on their website.  He is very excited....and a little nervous.  But he loves cool equipment.  This is Jack and Grace's last Friday of the school year.  The littles still have two more weeks.  Rose is in Panama for Army Reserve duty.  I hope that it went well.  She should be getting home this weekend.  Today we are having our second garage sale.  We had one last weekend.  It was a bit slow.  I am hoping that today is busier.  We are using the profits from the garage sale to pay some of the adoption fees.  So every little bit helps.  The weather looks nice, so that is a plus.