Friday, July 12, 2013

UGH still waiting, waiting, waiting

Well, I was hoping to have good news to report, but sadly there really is no news.  We are waiting for the government in our daughter's country to appoint a vice minister who will be in charge of parts of the adoption process.  Sadly, there is a lot of civil unrest over there right now.  There are protests about the government.  This is not related to adoption, adoptions are just caught up in the mix.  So until a new vm is appointed our dossier can not be submitted.  So sadly this means our girl will not be home by Christmas.  We are bummed but know that she will get home just as soon as we can get her here.
Baby A's case has moved to an adoption (WOO HOO)!  At this point I am not sure when all the paperwork will be complete and we will be given a court date, but I am hoping it is soon!  The kids are super excited to have her be a permanent addition to our family!  She adds so much to our family!  We are so grateful for all the journeys our family has gone on and we look forward to all the journeys in our future!