Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Getting there....little by little

Well, I dropped off the forms for our medical paper work for our dossier at the doctor's offices today.  Tomorrow I will go back with a traveling notary to get them notarized.  After that, it is off to Denver to get our committment paper work apostilled.   (that is basically notarizing the notary :-)
So I feel like we are getting there, a little bit at a time.  Tonight we have a class that is a web class on the computer.  It is on different cultures and adoption.  I took a little break to put Baby A to bed (shhh don't tell)
Luckily, because we already have 55 hours of training for foster care, we only need this one class for our adoption.  So we can check one more box LOL

It was a sad week on the Reece's Rainbow facebook page.  Three sweet babies passed away.  Two had already been adopted and were home for some time.  They both died from infections.  The other little one had a family coming for him, but he passed away before they could get there.  It is just so sad and makes you realize the urgency of the situation.

So we will keep plodding along to get our sweet "Rita" home to our family where she belongs!