Tuesday, February 25, 2014


We passed court at 10:30 am in Bulgaria.  Our lawyer over there represented us!  She is now legally ours!!!  So now we wait for 7 days to get the court decree.  Once our lawyer receives that we will be given travel dates to go pick up our girl.  It is finally real!!  It is such an exciting day.  We were also so lucky to receive another matching grant from my amazing parents for $1000!!!!  We would love to be able to match it to pay for our flights.  Because we won't have more then a week or two notice to book the flights....they are very expensive.  Also the second trip is now longer because of newly required TB testing, so this adds more days of hotel stay.  But in the end it is all worth it to get our girl out of that orphanage!
So I am happy to introduce

##########. Maria Caroline Mayr  ##########

On another fun note....it is Grace's 14th birthday!  She got another sister for her birthday!  This is awesome because had we not had Grace, I'm not sure we would ever have looked into  special needs adoption! Thank you all for your support for this part of the journey!!!!


  1. So happy and excited for all of you!! And, Happy Birthday, Grace!!!!!